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Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Hispanic Voices The hosts provide a unified voice for people of Hispanic background as they focus on family and civic affairs issues that involve the Hispanic Community.
By the People A local/national forum to discuss the issues of education and healthcare from both a national context and a localized one.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Weekend Wake Up (New) The news of the weekend, topics of interest in the Buffalo area, weather forecasts and sports scores are presented by the Weekend News 4 Team
Missing (New, TV-G) Keep a safety packet handy with current photos and descriptions of children; instructing the kids on how to stay safe while waiting for the school bus.
Hometime Timber Shed Roof and Stone (HD, New, TV-G) The team works together to put up clay tile on the roof, and natural stone on the walls.
HouseSmarts with Lou Manfredini (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) A look at some ways to keep families in check during emergencies; Darbi Worley reports on how to find a qualified roofing contractor; how to refinish a surface.
Beautiful Homes & Great Estates (New, TV-G) Viewers are treated to a tour of the Tuscan-style Owlwood Estate located in the palacious Holmby Hills neighborhood in Los Angeles California.
This Old House Newton Centre Project, Part 9 of 16 (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Tom gets the homeowner to help with a decorative bracket; Richard shows the progress on piping; decorating progress is shown; Norm patches the old siding.
The Young Icons (HD, New, TV-G) The lives and accomplishments of some of the best contemporary artists, athletes, philanthropists and entrepreneurs under the age of 18 are showcased.
« Friday Foster (TV-14, R, **) An ex-model turned photographer becomes embroiled in a nefarious plot to assassinate political leaders within the African American community.
Forgive or Forget (TV-PG) People are given the opportunity to apologize to a loved one they've done wrong, and the wronged party can either forgive or walk away from the relationship.
Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids Easy Pickin's (TV-PG) Kids in the neighborhood attract attention with their big spending, but Fat Albert discovers their money comes from stealing and teaches them a valuable lesson.
Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids Good ol' Dudes (TV-PG) A kid decides to take a neighbor's car for a ride without asking permission, and Fat Albert relates to him Brown Hornet's lesson about the dangers of joyriding.
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